About Us

eco was founded in Istanbul in 1990 as a legal partnership, and immediately afterwards, transformed into a limited company in 1991 and since 2018, it has been giving service as a joint-stock company continuing to render label, printing and packaging services as a deep-rooted company. 

In every sector in which it exists, eco proceeds with the principle of “Excitement in the first day of production”. Thanks to its principled management staff and qualified team before and at the time of production, it establishes the most efficient communication with its customers and maintains this communication in the most effective way after production.

In many sectors it serves, with 31 years of long-established rooted production experience and creative staff, the company took a solid step and was involved in the board games sector under the brand name Zeren’s Universe in 2015. eco continues to exist in our country and in the world with its young and creative face

Again in 2015, with the sense of responsibility of providing high quality and fast service to many sectors, eco switched to ERP system for qualified human resources, integrated and fast work flow. In 2017, the company moved to its new building equipped with technological infrastructure and modern design, and ensured the continuity of quality in and out of the company.

This successful adventure which has been going on for many years has been crowned with its awards.

eco has received, in ESD1st National label printing Competition in 2003, 
The most successful label award,

Food category first prize winner award,

First prize winner award in industrial category,

First prize winner award in non-adhesive labels category.

FINAT International Label Competition 2004 Honorable Mention Award.

ESD 2006 Honorable Mention Award in Food Category.